Outline Service

Let’s get it right first time. You tell us what you would like and we get the ball rolling. Our feasibility study or ‘Outline Service’ is designed to give you an understanding of what can be achieved within your budget and possibly provide ideas and options you haven’t considered. We will sketch out some initial design concepts and make you aware of what’s involved to take it to the next stage. Where required we will liaise with Local Councils to fully understand the feasibility of the project prior to your investment in full plans. We highly recommend this service and it can commissioned in isolation to help you generate design ideas. As part of this service we will answer:

  What is the best design and layout to suit us?
  How long does planning permission take?
  What is the cost of planning permission?
  How do we get cost estimates for construction?
  What is the cost of producing full technical drawings?
  What additional services will be required and what will they cost?
  Is my home in a conservation area – does this affect my design?
  Will I require the professional services of Willis & Powe throughout the entire project?

Architectural Service

Taking your concept design we will progress to draw up accurate scale plans and consult with all appropriate agencies to ensure your project moves as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our experts can produce sketches, artist impressions as well as 3D walkthroughs to help you visualise your space allowing you to make last minute changes and alterations. Using our widespread knowledge of local planning authorities and our invaluable experience in this industry we will ensure your development runs as smoothly as possible. Acting as your agent we will guide you through the process.

Technical Service

Once planning approval has been granted there is nothing more exciting than getting started! Some clients chose to manage their own project construction, others prefer the guidance of a professional service, but most opt for Willis & Powe to co-ordinate every aspect of the build, from managing contractors and consultants, to monitoring the progress of building works through to completion. We will provide detailed technical drawings which meet all building regulations and allow for accurate construction costings to be gathered.

Build Service

One of the most exciting attributes about Willis & Powe is that we have our own in house construction team. Collaborating with us to provide the latest materials, technologies and techniques being used, but at the same time paying homage to traditional crafts and methods where necessary. With over 12 years ‘experience in the construction industry providing high quality finishes, why not let us continue your project to the end and realise your dream.

We are one of the few practices operating in Devon that can not only design your new home or extension but can build it as well.

Willis and Powe

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