Building performance analysis is a relatively new technology that allows a building designer to simulate real world conditions within a computer based model. This can be done throughout the design phase to ensure measures are being taken to optimise building performance, or this can be utilised post construction to propose ways to increase building performance, such as adding solar shades. Regardless of when building performance analysis is implemented it allows for quick alterations and changes to see results instantly.


The concept of testing an architectural project within a computer model before a single block is laid is a hugely beneficial technique. Willis and Powe can test your design in terms of solar gains, glazing conditions, heat loss and ventilation systems.


When it comes to architects the word efficiency is key. Understandably architects have a way of thinking that reflects their need to produce and manage vast quantities of information, efficient. When it comes to the tools they use, they need to deliver two main attributes, quality and efficiency. Across the board architects use a number of different design tools, while traditional architects use hand drawings, with 2D design software being introduced in the 1990s, the modern approach seems to be 3D based. Software ranges from £0 to £5,000 and more and more architects see the benefit of designing and understanding buildings this way.

The next obvious step is to layer a 3D architectural model with further information. This is where Building Information Modelling comes in. Now becoming industry standard for government projects over £10m BIM allows a number of consultants and designers to work on a single model applying the layers of information required for construction. The benefits are obvious

BIM as an integrated system has been proven to not only work but be efficient and accurate, providing the one of the best platforms for building analysis to be integrated into the industry. Highly accurate models with all the information embedded within, all at an understandable level by all the involved parties.