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We have done it again

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Willis and Powe are proud to announce planning approval on one of their latest projects in Torquay. This Vets in Watcombe was I need of additional service rooms for treatment. The addition of a new side extension, the renovation of the existing garages and a link building to join everything together. A fantastic project in the heart of Torquay with construction aiming to begin this year.


Bespoke Studio Designs

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Willis and Powe offer a huge range of architectural services. We have designed a number of garden studio offices which make a fantastic alternative to rented office space. Each studio is bespoke designed to your garden or courtyard and can be fully insulated, heated and connected to your home broadband and electrics.

We offer a range of window styles, cladding options and roof finishes and with a starting price of around £500 sq/m they are a fantastic option to creating your perfect office space.

Architecture-Studio-1 Architecture-Studio-6- studio-design studio-design-2 studio-design-3

Planning or no Planning

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Planning. It can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Some project however can slip under the planning radar. Willis and Powe were commissioned to design this small office in Torquay, in the garden of the clients home. Willis and Powe exploited the ‘permitted development rights’ of the client and designed a space with no requirement for planning approval. The design allowed for a small kitchenette, 2 desks as well as a sofa and small coffee table – coupled onto the one end was a separate storage space for garden tools. Willis and Powe were able to liaise with local contractors to negotiate on price and on completion this commercial architectural project came in cheaper than a years worth of rent for an office space for one.

A Radical Solution to the Housing Crisis

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Willis and Powe Architecture present AFFORDABLE Tottenham – a radical solution to the housing crisis. Laser cut cardboard housing and scaffolding infrastructure provides the basis for a reworked Tottenham based housing typology. De-regularised council policies allow for a more flexible low cost living solution encouraging development.

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A Reworked Sustainable Housing Model

By | Architecture, Design, Domestic, Housing, London

According to the Department of Energy & Climate Change in the latest publication of the Housing Energy Fact File 2013, “UK homes and how they are used has changed enormously since 1970 and since much of the UK’s housing was built before the links between energy use and climate change were understood” there is an urgent need for a more demographic model of sustainable living not just in terms of resource use but an emphasis on life cycle resilient solutions.

With the worrying statistic that around 300,000 new homes are required each year in the UK, according to Vince Cable, the Secretary of State for Business, coupled with diminishing worldwide resources surely a reworked housing model is required. The UK currently produces around 130,000 new homes nationwide each year, far below what is required. Initiatives such as the help to buy scheme are addressing the fall in demand but this is not the concern, more houses are required to meet current demands for affordable housing that will drive down the cost to the consumer.
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